Pay for purchases with your Birbank Umico card at Umico partner stores and get cashback up to 12.3%!
up to 10% cashback from Umico partner brands
1% cashback in Bravo
up to 1.3%* cashback from Kapital Bank
* 1.3% for purchases with your own money and on credit, inside and outside the network of Umico partners
*0.4% for any purchases in installments, even outside the Umico partner network
a refund of part of the value of your purchases to the bonus account in the Umico mobile application. Bonuses are equal to real money — they can be spent on purchases in the Umico partner network. Paying for all purchases with Birbank Umico card, you will receive bonuses even outside the partner network.
How does it work?
Fill out the online application and receive a new Kapital Bank Birbank Umico card - debit or credit with installment function. Pay with it all your purchases.
Download the Umico application from App Store or Google Play to your mobile phone, register, get acquainted with the network of partners, which has more than 1,500 largest companies in Azerbaijan.
Register a card at Birbank
Download the Birbank app from the App Store or Google Play on your cell phone and manage your finances.
Apply for Birbank Umico card
Go to shopping
Pay for all purchases with a Birbank Umico card in Umico Market and Umico partner stores. Be sure to present the Umico electronic card from your application at the checkout. So you will receive two cashbacks at once - from Umico partners and from Kapital Bank.
Free service when applying for a debit card online at
Make 3 purchases in the amount of 30 AZN or more each at Umico partner stores within 30 days after receiving the card. Promotional bonuses are credited in a single amount for 33-37 days from the date of receipt of the card.
Promotional cashback limit - 150 bonus manats.
Make 3 purchases in the amount of 50 AZN each at Umico Market within 30 days from the date of receipt of the card. We will return 5% cashback to your card on the total amount of all three purchases. Promotional bonuses are credited in a single amount for 33-37 days from the date of receipt of the card.
The promotional cashback limit is 500 bonus manats.
Free service
Double Umico Bonuses
5% cashback at Umico Market
Welcome pack from Umico
Get a Birbank Umico debit card
and get additional bonuses
Additional terms
Card type and currency
Credit limit
Up to 10,000 AZN (for individual enterprises - up to 15,000 AZN)
Date of expiry
Card expiry period 36 months
Installment Interest
0% annual
Installment period
from 1 to 10 months
up to 63 days
Grace (interest-free) lending period
Visa Classic card in AZN (debit cards in AZN, USD, and EUR)
Who can get a Birbank Umico card?
Working customers and Kapital Bank customers
Persons officially registered at work and persons receiving a salary or pension through Kapital Bank
Aged 18-67
Persons aged 18 to 67 years (till the card expires).
Minimal work experience
The minimum experience at the last workplace should be at least six months (requirement does not apply to pensioners)
Required documents:
Birbank Umico (Debet)
Birbank Umico (Credit)
Persons with valid ID
A Birbank Umico debit card can be obtained by persons with a valid identity card.
Debit card (when applying for a debit card online at or in the Umico app)
0 AZN for the entire period.
Card price
35 AZN per year
Credit card with installment function
Annual interest rate
For credit card with installment function
For debit card
1%, minimum 1 AZN
Encashing commission
For credit card with installment function
For debit card
Additional cashback by Umico bonuses for card payments (in addition to cashback from Umico partners)
For credit card with installment function
For debit card
Connect to SMS banking
For credit card with installment function
Interest rate on installment operations - 0%
Encashing rate - 25% (EIR starts from 28,88%)
1.5%, minimum 2 AZN (can be cashed up to 60% of the loan limit amount)
* The maximum cashback amount that can be earned within a month is 500 AZN
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A unique card from Kapital Bank with a credit limit and interest-free installments.
The largest universal bank in Azerbaijan, serving more than 3 million individuals and more than 22 thousand legal entities.
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